Friday, July 27, 2007

Bella's NEW profile

I think my new profile is very fitting - and freakin INSPIRING!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


i'm blogging with Bella for this challenge; but my permanent new home is here at myspace:

would love it if you wanted to drop by and visit!sometimes i feel like i live a 'blogger' world and a 'outside' world; this is my way of imagulmating them both. plus i love the wicked designs!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gospel Aerobics - Giving Him Praise

NOW if this doesn't motivate you i don't know what will... ROFLMAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

week 4 day 2

Well; got straight back on track this morning; weighed in at 67.8kgs it was lovely to see the backside of 68 i can tell you!

I got up and went for a nice walk/jog/run this morning....pushed myself hard. Am going to do a weights session tonight which i'm looking forward to. Am loving the way this program is structured.
The best thing is everyday i know i make a change in some way; which is really exciting; i am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. i have got another gf on to a challenge at the mo.... she's off to Europe in 6 weeks and wants to feel good sunning herself.... so i have someone else to report to :)
I am extremely focused on acting how i would once i've reached my goals; keeping a good confident posture; being vigilant with self talk and it's making me feel skinny already even if that's not the reality!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Strength and Courage

It Takes Courage
Author Unknown

It takes strength to be firm, It takes courage to be gentle.
It takes strength to conquer, It takes courage to surrender.
It takes strength to be certain, It takes courage to have doubt.
It takes strength to fit in, It takes courage to stand out.
It takes strength to feel a friend's pain, It takes courage to feel your own pain.
It takes strength to endure abuse, It takes courage to stop it.
It takes strength to stand alone, It takes courage to lean on another.
It takes strength to love, It takes courage to be loved.
It takes strength to survive, It takes courage to live.

4 / 57 Week 2

Hello! Feeling great today - apart from the FREEZING weather I am motivated! I have been thinking about my health goals and visualising that I have already achieved them all - I look HOT! lol "You are a magnet attracting to you all things, via the signal you are emitting through your thoughts and feelings" - I love that - its so true!

chicken & veggies
chicken & veggies
tuna & snow peas
ryvita with avocado & salmon
chicken & veggies
2 litres
doh - forgot again!!
Weights - first day of new prog!

I LOVE KATE HUDSON! she has such a hot body!

Day 1 of 9 week challenge


Well, my program is great, i have been less than perfect but am steadily moving the buldge. I felt so dejected and embarrassed yesterday afternoon, i felt huge and so uncomfortably fat it brang me down. When i got home i had to get changed in to some shorts coz we were going out in the boat; thinkin' :this'll be fun...nothing fits," i put on an od pair of shorts which didnt fit me a couple of months ago and they fit!!!!! whoop whoop

so i felt a little better! Consistancy is the key.

I just downloaded the calorie king software, as i want to be more aware and be able to better monitor what i'm putting in my mouth and it blew me away!

As i am already 3 weeks through Ness's program Amelias '9 week' challenge is just in the nick of time! I have 9 weeks left of the program, i have logged my goal up on the right hand side. I will be 60kgs by the end OMG how exciting!! I can't wait!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

3/57 - Week1

Morning! Feeling good - lots to do on a Sunday - "no rest for the wicked" - so cliche, I know, but so true! Its TTOM so decided to have a little bowl of oats this morning - Coles has an organic instant oats which is so yummy - I just added some cinnamon for taste.

Plan to take dog out for walk today - should do it this morning before the weather turns and then she gives me 'guilt' looks all afternoon (nothing worse!) Plan to go on a water rampage today also - I really need to get on top of that and drink much more water than I have been - I bought a Nobles Pureau 10 litre tub - its my favourite water out there - so I have no excuse!

sml bowl oats
x2 Ryvita with avocado & tuna
chicken & veggies
chicken & veggies
chicken & veggies
2 litres

Have had a weird muscle pain in my left arm today - so freakin annoying!!

Daily Quotation:
Everything that has ever been lived, everything that has ever been written down or documented, has been vibration first. Everything has been conjured in vibration first before it manifests. So if something has manifested and you continue to give it your attention, the fact that it is true should really hold no weight with you. The question that we would ask is not, is it true, or is it undeniable? The question that we would ask is, how does it make me feel when I focus upon it? And if the answer to the question is, it doesn't make me feel very good when I focus upon it, then we would say, true or not, it does not serve you. And if you will activate a different part of your vibration--the "truth" will shift. --- Abraham

Saturday, July 21, 2007

2/57 - Week 1

Phew - so I am sitting here feeling a little tired! lol! Thanks for the congrats Kat ! You certainly have been with me through my journey - I really appreciate your support :-)
So health-wise am still feeling good - all on track really - dinner last night was pretty good - wasnt too hungry anyway as was quite nervous - had a couple of reds and then in bed by 1am!

Today has been good also:

9am - chicken & veggie
1:30pm - chicken & veggie
4pm - salmon on x2Ryvita with avocado
150g eye fillet with greek salad
few bites of chocolate pudding
glass of red wine
1 litre
forgot - damn

Am eating out tonight and plan to have a really nice glass of red - its about 5C here at the moment and the fire is roaring which is great - I am struggling to keep my eyes open! It should be snowing and I should be wearing a 'snow bunny' outfit like those Victorias Secret models - lol!
Life is all good - am enjoying the feeling :-)

Daily Quotaion:
Every time you want something and achieve vibrational harmony with it and allow it to come to you, you not only gain the satisfaction of having accomplished your desire, you also gain a whole new perspective from which to desire. --- Abraham


Well.... im sitting here seething agter minimal sleep. I met this lovely girl who is up on holidays (staying at my bosses house) last week and i offered to baby sit for her last night. Then unexpectedly it was our last day Whale Sharking and Dan got the day off; so i was keen for some end of season partying... BUT becasue i made a commitment i stuck to it, thinking she said she wasn't keen for a late night, i let her know that when she got home we were going to go out.

ANYWAY..... long story short, she ignored some texts i sent at about 11...yes thats right 11..... and totally disregarded me.... she finally came to get him at 1.30 (yes that's right 1 freakin thirty am) in a strangers house who she doesnt know that well.....and she had the audacity to pretend to feel guilty becasuse i was staying home! NEVER AGAIN... what a rude cow!

then i was so strung out and angry i barely slept all night anyway... in my head i was saying "let it go" but i just felt so ...hmmm... so... bloody USED!

So here i am typing madly after 4 hours sleep and i just dont want to see her i am still so mad.

phew glad i got that out of my system...

BIG CONGRATS TO BELLA and partner for their award they won; of course i expected it :) u guys ROCK!

Friday, July 20, 2007


BELLA is on the left and I am on the right

we're back and ready to do some flab fightin'! Quick as a bird; swift as the wind; in no time i'll be thin. LMAO

Ok... on Wed i went on the boat for a fun day; i pulled up and saw the eski loaded with beer and just sighed.... got in my car and got some low carb, resolved if i really felt that i couldn't beat it at least i had a better option. Soooo got to swim with a humpback whale, purely by accident; the water was rough as guts and it was pretty SCARY!

Yesterday was a down day.... not much exercising happenning my body was letting me know it hated me and punished me as the consequence.... today back in to it; great weights session before work: back, bi's; tri's.

100% healthy meals: poached eggs on MG toast, yoghurt and almonds, chicken curry, ryvitas and salmon and for dinner i suspect some grilled chicken and veg will be on the cards.

AM SCULLING WATER and am about to treat myself with a skinny latte.

1 / 57 - Week 1

Well I feel GREAT this morning - lots to do and look forward to!


9am - chicken & veggie
11am - chicken & veggie
1pm - salmon & veggie
4pm - chicken & veggie
Dinner Function (3 courses)
2 litres
1 multi vitamin
dog for walk

I will be back later tonight to see how I went - the only uncertainty in Dinner - should be fine - I dont normally like the food at those functions anyway!

Daily Quotation:
If you have a subject that makes you uncomfortable when you think about it, it means there is strong desire related to it. Which means it really, really, really matters. So finding a way to think about it and feel good is your work. But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good, and let it in. You don't have to think about money in order to let in money. You just can't think about lack of money, to let in money --- Abraham

Thursday, July 19, 2007

9.5 Week Birthday Mission!

WHOAH! Its been a while!!! Just over a year since my last post in "Blog Land" Well - I am back - and this time it is a 9.5 Week Mission to 'be the best I can be' in time for my birthday!

So just like the Spice Girls... the Kat & Bella Blog has re-united once more!

Saturday, May 20, 2006



I am so excited for you I cant do any work! LOL

Here is a little clip of Lia (purple stripe) Kat (rainbow) and Bella (hot pink)- which was filmed exclusively whilst Rae was competing!!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Going it alone

Hi guys, as i am up to a new part of my journey, i have gone it alone with another blog:

drop by and asay hi sometime.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"I can trust my friends. These people force me to examine, encourage me to grow." -Cher
Well, whilst you're off tending to your abs I will be tending to my mind! 7 Days of Paul McKenna... bring it on!!
Will miss your sense of humour around here.... no one makes me laugh like you do!
Do prefer the phone calls though...god imagine if you lost your mobile... i don't think it owuld take me long to fly over just for some bella luvvin! xxx
thank you! what you do for me is pricelss, i am thankful for having been blessed with such an aweosme friend and am forever greatful our paths crossed!


Hello all :-)

I know I havent been floating around blogland much lately - but I do try and read / post on your blogs when I can!!

All is going well - I have dropped body fat and am doing well in the nutrition and training department. YAY!

I just wanted to let you all know I am having a bit of a break from KATFIT - not forever - maybe just a few weeks. I am feeling probably the best I can ever remember feeling and just want to step away just for a bit - and its not because any of you smell!! lol.

I will still visit you all - but wont be posting here - so in the meantime BIG KISSES - SEE YA AROUND LIKE A COMPUTER VIRUS!! xxx

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What a Day

How cool is it when things just go right!?

It seldom happens for me so i enjoy it when it does lol.

I am just so excited i have to share this with everyone - my arm is almost falling off through patting myself on my back!

My week has rocked! I have been so focused on my nutrition and oh so PREPARED - my new rule is make meals for next day at night after work - this happens before ANYTHING else and it has worked SO well for me. Also having some of Raes yummy chicken stuff tucked away is fantastic and so handy!

Drum roll pleeeeeeeease........ i have done ALL of my resistance and running this week - not one missed session!!!!!!! this is SO SO SO HUGE for me after the last few months .... I even prepared my food last night for tonight as i know there is a possibility that i may be going out to watch a band.... im on fire.... instead of focusing on other stuff i have just made it incredibly simple, my two main focuses are
1. Running
2. Nutrition preperation & everything just falls in to place! i'm not doing any '12' week countdowns any more... i'm just running - i have to make tihs for life and having a 'countdown' doesn't work for me.

I guess when one day i'm ready for a marathon i'll have a countdown of some description, but have to get myself out of the 12 week mentality.

I got an ipod nano yesterday for running so just had to load it up for my run this morning! I was up until 1 this morning stuffing around with it, when i woke up at half passed 5 my weary mind come up with all kinds of reasopns why i should stay in bed - however something from deep within made me imagine how i would feel after my run, knowing i had completed AEVERYHING for the week, i felt that good feeling and got straight out of bed.

I then went for a 50 min steady run and didn't stop once and had a smile on my face the whole way!

But wait it didn't stop there! I then got my period, which i know usually sux, however mine was 8 weeks late and i was starting to fret a bit..... so YEEHHAAA another point for Kat, things are on a roll, and to top it all off i put on a pair of pants i bought back home form my hols which were too small when i got here and today IM COMFORTABLY WEARING THEM.....go on try and spoil my day i double dare ya.... i cant think of anything that could knock me down today... i am officially on cloud #9!

I cant wait to e-mail my progress report to coach, for once i won't be ashamed of my week, i will be losing sleep sunday night being so excited to send it to him! Oh, and then of course i get incredibly helpful feedback, even when i've been bad, the obsessivness of my passed fitness life has gone, i am now just really enjoying sliding back into my routine!

Also, i've been away form typing for about half an hour - the hottest bloke i've ever seen was just in here - i let him sit at my desk to do some printing as my customer printer is broken - he had these piercing green eyes, HOT bod, gorgeous tan - and HE WAS SO NICE! omg, as i said my day is just peaking! The gods are happy with me!

I wish hed come back - that was some NICE eye candy! (and i don't usually ever go gaga over anyone! he just did it for me lol!)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

an ode to my women friends...

A Poem for Females!!

I shave my legs, I sit down to pee.

And I can justify any shopping spree.

Don't go to a barber, but a beauty salon.

I can get a massage without getting a hard-on.

I can balance the checkbook, I can pump my own gas.

Can talk to my friends about the size of my a$$.

My beauty's a masterpiece and yes, it takes long.

At least I can admit to others when I'm wrong.

I don't drive in circles, at any cost.

And I don't have a problem admitting I'm lost.

I never forget an important date.

You just gotta deal with it, I'm usually late.

I don't watch movies with lots of gore.

Don't need instant replay to remember the score.

I won't lose my hair, I won't get jock itch.

And just cause I'm assertive, don't call me a bitch!

Don't say to your friends, Oh yeah, I can get her.

In your dreams, my dear, cause I can do better!
Flowers are okay, But jewellery’s best.

Look at me you idiot... Not at my chest!!!

I don't have a problem, With expressing my feelings.

I know when you're lying, You look at the ceiling.

DON'T call me a GIRL, a BABE or a CHICK.

I am a WOMAN.

Get it? You DICK!?!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Born To Try

Well, as i was saying yesterday I had a hard week, but i made it hard all on my own accord. I am not afraid to admit that i go through these little 'self hate/be awful to myself''s not an instantaneous thing... i think it all started by being on such a big holiday and letting things get out of just kinda snowballed from there. I will write all this as there may be others out there who go through similar motions. I am not feeling sorry for myself, just trying to rationalise how such a strong willed person can slip's like being on a slippery slope with grease on my step up two steps back bwahghh

One thing i have realised over the passed few days is how incredibly selfish i have been. I haven't even considered how my behaviour could effect the people who love me around me. When i get in to self destruct mode i don't seem to care about anyone including myself.

I almost come very close to losing the one person that means the most to me.... due to my selfish, unthoughtful behaviour. This has been the pattern.....since on holidays:
- no exercise and terrible eating lead to me feeling pretty down about myself...
- put on weight felt worsed
- didn't care about drinking as i'd put on weight
- drank to make me feel temporarily better - than felt crap so drank again....was too hungerover to run raddah raddah raddah... it felt appauling!

ANyway.... i thought this was one pattern i would NEVER EVER EVER fall back in to... it's just like the boling frog analogy though... sometimes you don't realise you're in hot water until it boils and then it's too late....and what pisses me off even more... is the only reason i end up in this predicament is that i know i have a heap of subconscious negative shit planted by adults as a child... then guess what one day you have to grow up and try and deal with it "normally' where's the instruction manual??!! So i have to try and tap in to my unconcious mind as this is where it seems to all start for me... negative self talk blah blah blah.... it just drives me nuts.... just when i tohught i'd beaten it i went backwards....

GOOD NEWS THOUGH have you ever just had one of those momens of realisation when your life changes in an instant....???!! it happenned to me last night. I have been VERY mellow over the last few days i have titled this phase of my life as "the healing phase" i am just concentrating daily on making myself feel good and being quiet and relaxed... last night i was working in my itunes list and accidentally clicked on Delta Goodrems song "born to try" (uhhmmm accidentally i say.... that's my story and im sticking to it!! :) anyway.... i started crying it was like i just needed to hear it...

yep i was born to try...have had to learn to love....the part i like best is "you gotta make choices....and give up things you like" all just made my world complete... along with a couple of people whom i really respect saying a few things out of the blue to make me realise WHO I AM.... and i have been acting like a total jerk...

My friend Claire said to some girls the other day " yeah, you guys should go running with Kat, shes so motivating" this little voice inside my head kinda went "me ahh, hmm well....shit thats what she thinks of me, how cool, no one has ever said that to me before"

dan said "i love you running, it inspires me" and finally Bella said "when i tell my friends that you are this incredibly gorgeous beautiful 6ft tall....hmmm lol no she didnt say that, what she actually said was "when i tell people about you i tell them that you are incredibly honest and driven and that i feel that i can believe in what you say" ....

It made me think long and hard about why i am trying to be someone i am not happy being... what am i trying to do?? I have to be honest with myself now and start walking the talk.....the one thing that has been my saviour has been fitness.... it may have not been a perfect couple of weeks but it has been the final threads that has kept me hanging in there...

im running quicker, im getting prepared with meals... i am coming back....and am never going to look behind me...


Every successful entrepreneur, company, entertainer or athlete has several key ingredients called 'power factors', that are crucial for playing and achieving at the highest level. Some people have more of one than another, and that's perfectly ok. Its your responsibility to take notice of what you have, what you can develop (strengths) and what you must manage (weaknesses). John Assaraf









This I do know beyond any reasonable doubt. Regardless of what you are doing, if you pump long enough, hard enough and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward.
Zig Ziglar

Monday, May 01, 2006


I missed you guys! LOL!

Woohoo! My week was S T R O N G!
Ok - so my nutrition doesnt change all that much from day to day - clean all the way with variations of lean protein and veggies. I ate pretty much 100% except for 1 night where I went out for dinner with my boyfriend. I ate white fish and had a couple of spoonfuls of sticky date pudding (yum) but didnt have the urge to keep eating and went home feeling guilt free and satisfied!
I can honestly say my body is feeling the benefits of this style of eating. My body feels GOOD! I have tried so many 'diets' - hate that word - from Atkins to carb overload! - but I have finally found a way that works best for me. I may have a bowl of oats some mornings or a piece of fruit mid morning - NATURAL - I DO NOT miss all the supplements which were once prescribed to me!!! Cottage cheese/ protein powder/ carb cycling and cardio twice a day! WTF! Talk about wearing yourself to the ground! If anyone tells you having no carbs in your diet is bad - well yep it is - but look CLOSELY at the types of carbs you are digesting! I know my body reacts better to the carbs from yummy green veggies & salad than rice cakes and brown rice - and also the reduction in dairy (WTF is cottage cheese anyway??) I look back at my previous programs with previous trainers and no wonder I couldnt maintain my results! But...its all a learning curve...and its all personal - what works for one person MAY NOT work for another!!! And those who dont believe in my nutrition choices - I DONT CARE - I feel the best I ever have - and getting results which I KNOW I CAN MAINTAIN - which is the clincher - FOR LIFE NOT JUST 12 WEEKS SEE YA LATER WHATEVER!Look closely at the person you are 'trusting' with your health - my biggest thing is if that person is a POSITIVE PERSON - if they have signs of jealousy towards others/make you feel uncomfortable for asking questions/are not getting results themselves - DONT EVEN GO THERE! The person who is guiding you should be PROFESSIONAL - someone who has experience/qualifications and who is genuinely interested in your progress DO YOUR RESEARCH . - ask questions - speak to their previous clients and feel 100% in your heart - and then you WILL get the results you want - but most importantly you will MAINTAIN THEM FOR LIFE! ;-)

OK - weight training makes my heart skip a beat. I am currently doing 4 sessions a week - MON/TUE & THUR/FRI - and this week I continued to 'up' my weights. I have really started to visualize the muscle I am using and I say in my head 'COMMITMENT is the key' - I also visualise what I want my body to look like - which is pretty important when Im doing crunches - ABS ABS ABS!!! AAAAGHR! It hurt to laugh on friday - ha (ouch) !! I am doing a lot of shoulder work in my current program - I even did an exercise which was completely new to me - a shoulder roll! - um Rae - OH MY GOD!!! LOL! Just like nutrition - find someone who will PERSONALISE a weight program for you - rather than someone who just spits out a template - make your goals very clear to them and get them to EXPLAIN what the hell you are supposed to be doing! Find someone who you can SPEAK with - this is very important - combine communication with email and the phone - this combination is has worked really well for me - obviously meeting face to face is the best but as I dont trust anyone locally I opted for someone interstate. Being able to HEAR the persons voice has helped me immensely - I tried just communicating via email (which I know works really well for some) but it wasnt until I spoke with my Trainer on the phone did I hear the caring in his voice. This guy wants me to succees more than me!!! haha Remember YOU are in control of your health and fitness and YOU need to be certain this person wants the best for you. If face-to-face and telephone is just not an option - READ AND ANALYSE their emails/blogs etc VERY CAREFULLY - if their is ANY HINT OF NEGATIVITY (bitchiness/jealousy/rudeness)- THROW THEM IN THE BIN WITH YOUR WHITE SUGAR CUBES!! They have NO PLACE in your health & fitness goals!!

As you can tell I AM VERY FOCUSED at the moment and I have made it obvious that NOONE should pull you away from achieving your goals. I am not competing but I am striving for the 'ULTIMATE ME' - have clear goals and make it clear THAT YOU WONT TAKE SHIT from others - particularly those that make you question yourself or things that you know should be done in another way. Everyone needs guidance - but if you have the slightest 'strange feeling' in your gut - walk away. NEGATIVE TRAINERS will sap energy and dilute enthusiasm. Surround yourself with positive people as this will reinforce your own positive thought patterns. Find the right Trainer/Coach/Mentor for you - someone who will push you in the most POSTIVE direction - POSITVITY IS THE KEY TO ALL SUCCESS!

Speak to you all again next week - cant wait to visit all your blogs tonight!!!! BIG KISSES! XXX

A movie I watched this week - 'WERE GONNA RIZE NO MATTER WHAT - THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!'

On my IPOD:
Call On Me by Eric Prydz

Week 2...

well, the passed week has not been as good as i would like.

I have been mega abusing myself and it's time to get serious and take control! i don't know why i do it, but i've had the roughest week, it's been out of control.

However, we all have bad weeks i am just working on this week being better. Am going home to do Paul McKenna and am going ot have a full body massage today...ohhh lucky lucky me....i CANT WAIT!

I decided to start being kind to my body and to set a standard...heck im only ever going to have the one so i better do the right thing with it huh!

will post properly later...this was just a quick check in so rae would have something new to read.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


hey guys, check out my work blog i just finished it, i am so STOKED!

the link is on the side!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A week in review

This is a pic of me and a friend before starting on my road to fitness

R- this is my fav pic, taken about 6 months ago! When i look at this picture I can still get that rush of energy and confidence! I felt so good on this night! I have put this pic somewhere i wake up and see it everyday... i am aspiring to get back there, i just felt so awesome!!

So, my first week was a bit shaky. I have decided to only blog once a week from now on also, as i think it will help me stay focused! ie the one week down 11 to go etc! My run was ok this morning, slowly but surely i am getting a little fitter each time i go, now i certainly wouldn't have won any races today.... but i made it the whole way without stopping... which is a goal met for me... even if it was just a SLOOOOOOW jog...i am hoping to make quick progress...because i WANT RESULTS!!

I feel strong in my mind, and finally my heart also, pulling out these old pics have put the fire back in my belly, the wind in my sails... the...hmmm i think you get my drift.

Upwards and onwards...learning from my mistakes but not dwelling on them... the passed is history....tomorrow is exciting.. I WILL GET BACK TO MY HOT PINK TOP BODY!!

"It takes a little courage, and a little self-control. And some grim determination, If you want to reach the goal. It takes a great deal of striving, and a firm and stern-set chin. No matter what the battle, if you really want to win, there's no easy path to glory. There is no road to fame. Life, however we may view it, Is no simple parlor game; But its prizes call for fighting, For endurance and for grit; For a rugged disposition that will not quit."
Navy SEAL Masterchief
"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
Walter Elliott

Sunday, April 23, 2006



Hi all - it really is 12 weeks from today that I am working towards - a body/mind/sould which is fit and healthy and looking pretty damn fine - ha!.

The reasons - 12 weeks until:
- INBA where I meet so many blog buddies!
- I go overseas with my man
(which includes beaches in Italy and parties in LA!)
- 1 year blog birthday!
- My boyfriend completes his 12 week challenge
(comp at the gym)
- I meet my trainer!

...and then 12 weeks + the rest of my life to continue leading this healthy lifestyle and maintaining the body I have!

So in saying all this - I will be posting once a week - on a Sunday - about my adventurous week - so 12 posts in total!

I have decided to be very organised over the coming 3 months and blogging is included in this preparation - kinda like clock work - thus the 12 o'clock featured above...did someone say I was acting all virgo...? *cough*

I will break it up into :

I have kept it pretty simple so I dont over complicate things - concise and to the point.

I cant wait to tell you all about this week! Speak to you all then!



Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well, i know that i previously posted that i had 'Rae envy' which actually i still do, love her to bits!

ANYWAY...i know it looks as if im trying to copy her site but i'm not, i've just used the basic template lay out as i like the design, and am going to change text colours, banner colours etc ASAP - it's just i kinda ummm ran in to a brick wall so to speak... the code for this template is different to the code i've been learning on my previous template so will have to nut this one out later... been on the damn thing all day and am now back to square one!!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Take a bow

Wow, this weeks spun me out. I started off struggling to get back on track but its all come good. I had 2 beers on Tuesday night.... but have gone booze free every other night og=f the week, this has included a night out at the pub for dinner, which i must also proudly say that i ordered an open chicken souvlaki, didnt touch the souvlaki just grilled chicken and salad...good food no beer at pub....that was a mammoth achievement for me, and i also managed to sip on soda waters all night when we went for a staff bbq down the beach and managed pretty much to only eat what i should - i had about 1/4 potato and 2 little pork spare ribs, which i shouldnt of had, but then didnt finish my steak and loaded up with salad!!
Dan and i were the only ones not drinking...hes stopped to support me... and get his own act into gear... what a gem, its about bloody time!!!

Isnt it about time i had something positive to say!!! YAYAYAYAYA am feeling back ....and better for it!!